There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Zora Neale Hurston, Dust Tracks On A Road

When you change the way you look at the world, the world changes. Changing how you look at the world…at your world…can be greatly enhanced by fresh eyes and ears in a nonjudgmental environment. It is in this place that the wounds of the past can be understood, reconciled and healed. It begins with a choice.

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Eden Atwood, LCSW
Musician, Educator, Social Worker

Eden Atwood is a musician, educator, mother, social justice activist and clinical therapist. Eden began her graduate studies in clinical social work with the aim of taking her decades long approach to personal expression and growth as a jazz singer and educator and infusing it with evidenced based interventions grounded in well researched theories related to attachment, grief and trauma to extend her practice beyond students of music to include students of life. Eden now practices psychodynamic/relational therapy utilizing expressive arts techniques as well as cognitive behavioral, motivational interviewing and narrative therapy interventions to provide a platform for every person she works with to safely and effectively identify and work through issues that get in the way of experiencing full and satisfying lives.

The heart of Eden’s practice, both as a therapist and a musician, is the belief that we all have a story we tell ourselves about our lives. Often, we don’t share the parts of our story that are painful but we know it deep in our bones and it affects the way we look at the world and the choices we make in our everyday lives. We may not even be aware the extent to which the story we carry inside us is influencing the story yet to be written.

Narrative therapy combined with expressive arts techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy and the practice of mindfulness can assist us in identifying negative core beliefs about ourselves that keep us stuck in self limiting behaviors and cause us suffering.

Many of us have experienced grief, loss and trauma in varying degrees. When we feel stuck, repeating problematic patterns or experience loss and grief that threaten to derail us, it can be overwhelming and cause us to feel very vulnerable. My goal is to be present with you and create a safe environment; free of judgment, where we can work together to shape and shift the way you tell your story to allow for transformation to occur. That transformation is often making the shift from What is wrong with me? to What happened to me? It is from this place that we have our best shot at becoming empowered to make conscious, life affirming choices that can alter the trajectory and tone of the story we have yet to tell.

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